Why is it that we feel the need to pack everything we own, when going on vacation?

A Winter vacation is a must, but…who are we kidding, a vacation ANYTIME is pretty nice. What isn’t nice is the mayhem traveling can take on your hands and especially your NAILS…..packing, unpacking, lugging the luggage, NOT to mention the dry airplane air, and then once you do reach that tropical destination….there’s that exposure to the pool or ocean water!  Face it – you’re vacation manicure is in for a chipped nail or two.  Guaranteed.

Here are some ways to minimize these hazards. Choose a light polish shade, as the chips don’t show up as readily as they would with a bright, bold color. Take the shade you’re wearing with you for touch ups, as well as, a Base & Top Coat.  AND DON’T FORGET TO PACK A NAIL FILE.

You can fix a chip easily without having to remove the polish.   Simply use a nail file to gently file the area where your Nail Color chipped.  Apply Base coat, then your COLOR to the chipped area and let dry.  Finally…. apply your TOP Coat to the entire nail – You’re DONE! 

Packing Tips:  Place all large or heavy clothing at the bottom of your luggage.  Pack several lightweight layers – This works for both hot and cold weather destinations…you can add more layers to stay warm, and take layers off if you’re too hot.  If you still can’t close your suitcase, and absolutely refuse to leave home without it all…try rolling your clothes vs. folding them….this method takes up less space.

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