What Nail Color is appropriate for the office?

Best place to start is to identify your work surroundings…..is your office ultra conservative?  Is nail color even permitted?  For this environment…it’s best to keep your nails a bit on the shorter side, and neatly filed.  Keep your color choices in the NEUTRAL family.  A soft beige, or light pink, or “barely there” Nail Color LOOK.

Now, if your work space is a bit more flexible, you now have some more options in terms of your color choices, and probably your dress code as well.  With this scenario you can accessorize your nails as part of your wardrobe…which means you can break out of the “barely there nail color category”, and maybe try some deep Red’s.  You can’t go wrong in this color category….RED is classic!

How about the office space that promotes creativity and self-expression (that’s our office – for sure). In this environment….anything goes!  So, bring out the BLUES, the GREENS, the PURPLES and the NAIL ART!  Set yourself FREE and express your style 7 days a week!

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