What are your NAILS wearing for Spring Break?

If you’re traveling to a tropical location for Spring Break, chances are that you’ll be spending most of your time in one of the many swimsuits you over-packed.  So, with Swimsuits decided on….let’s get to your NAILS.

You no doubt have a favorite swimsuit to kick off the week in, so it’s THAT swimsuit you should focus on.  We’re suggesting that you color and create an awesome Nail Art design for that Swimsuit and for that first day at the beach or poolside.  Sort of like the first day of school!  Best Foot (don’t forget your pedi too) forward!

Besides, as the week goes on…you’re probably going to care less and less about your Nails because you’ll be too busy partying 24/7.  So, Day 1 is THE DAY to make an IMPRESSION.  It’s your debut.

Let’s get to it…..

Select colors that match your swimsuit.

Consider Nail Art.  Get noticed.   Try it on one finger or all 10.

If your swimsuit has polka-dots – do polka dots.  If it hasflowers – do flowers,  if it has stripes, then by all means create Nail Art using stripes that match your suit.

Make sure to use a Base Coat – and Top Coat, to makeyour design last through your Spring Break!

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