Time for Spring Cleaning!!!

Spring is a great time to clean and clean-out.   Getting rid of old nail color and cosmetics….and starting anew with fresh new exciting cosmetic products is a great way to start your spring cleaning projects. 

After all…cosmetic tubes, jars, pencils, brushes and liquids can get real messy.  You do know that many cosmetic products do have a shelf life – right ?  Direct sunlight and heat can alter a product in terms of color and consistency – if you notice anything like this……..toss it!  Sometimes a unique odor can be detected as well – which can tell you it’s time to say goodbye.

Be really careful and conscientious with eye products, after all…you’re using these on your EYES, so you want to make sure you’re not using old or contaminated product.  For example, between uses sharpen your eye pencils to keep them fresh with each use.  Mascara…..toss it after 12 weeks – keep in mind that each time you pump that brush for more product you’re pushing air into that tube.  This shortens the life of the product.

When’s the last time you washed your cosmetic brushes ??? Think about doing this at least once every week.  You can use a gentle dishwashing soap or even your conditioning shampoo.

Now for nail color…..the good news is that if unopened and properly stored it can last 18to 24 months…and longer.  Let’s face it…these little bottles of color take a lot longer to use up and do not have the lightening fast turnover rate like mascara.  Nail Color sure does tell you though when the formula has expired….and it all has to do with TEXTURE. Your nail color has gone wrong IF it feels thick and clumpy and is hard to APPLY.  TOSS it !!!  Nail Color can last forever IF you take care to keep it out of direct sunlight and heat.  Store it in a dark cool place, and keep the neck of the bottle clean with acetone, so that you can tighten the cap after each use.

The bad news ????   Nail Color can last forever, but no one hardly ever uses up a full bottle of nail color – right ?  This is mainly because there are so many new beautiful shades to buy and try – and this is what most of us do.  We could be considered Nail Color collectors…..we can’t give up what we have, but we also have to have that new shade, as well.  

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