Summer Squeeze

Summer is a great time to show off some Nail Art….so let your nails become one of you best Summer accessories with COOL SUMMER NAIL COLOR SHADES.

Nothing shouts summer like Citrus!  Bright Bold Color in a fun, easy-to-do design.  Here’s how to GET THIS LOOK:

Apply Strengthening Base Coat -  let dry.

Apply 2 coats of your background Nail Color choice – let dry.

Choose your Nail Color Shade…#001 Lemon, #002 Orange or #011 Lime for the fruit slices – use a detail brush to create a circle outline starting at your cuticle to almost the tip of your nail.  Once you have your circle outline – fill in the circle using the same shade.  Let dry.

Using a dotting tool and #021 White – place one small dot in the center of the fruit slice, Then using a detail brush create a line horizontally and vertically and then another line that dissects the first two lines.

Use a detail brush and #021 white to create an “outline” just inside the first circle that represents your fruit slice.  And then fill in with a small “v” shape at the top of each Line where it meets the white outline.  Let Dry.

Apply #025 Gel-Like Top Coat to seal and protect your Nail Art Design.

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