Spring Break is coming…..please be SAFE!

With hours of cramming and studying for tests, and throwing down caffeine and energy drinks….it’s finally Spring Break!  But, what are the risks with this right of passage?

Thousands of students will soon be descending on the beaches of numerous tropical locations, where the drinking age is 18, and unfortunately… the mindset for most is that Spring Break is basically a week where you hangout and get wasted.  Each year at this time numerous News stories show us that the signs of alcohol abuse are everywhere, and sadly share statistics of unusually high numbers of alcohol-related deaths and injuries.

We want you to be safe!  Please follow these tips:

Travel together with your friends – always!

Avoid binge drinking and alcohol abuse.

Always keep an eye on your money and credit cards.

If you choose to drink….pace yourself.

If it doesn’t feel right, if you feel unsafe….trust your gut!  Get help.

If you’re out of the country – know your local equivalent to 911.

Do not leave your drink un-attended.  EVER!

Think first.  Think about your parents!

We want you to have fun, but we want you to be SAFE.  Things that go wrong don’t always happen to someone else and not YOU!

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