Nail Color Shades of Gray......

The color gray is neither here nor there, It’s NEUTRAL.  It’s neither Black or White. In fact it’s smack dab in the middle of 2 “non-colors”.

We’d like to introduce you to #048 Shadow. She’s reserved.  Her purpose is to create a sense of calm….she is conservative, and subdued, but elegant in her own way.

This is a controlled color.  When mixing it up and coming into contact with other colors, GRAY has a steadying effect.  It can tone down a bright, bold color combo, yet at the same time when used with softer “pastel” colors it illuminates them.

If you’re willing to experiment with this Nail Color Shade… will be pleasantly surprised.  You may not view this color the way you use to…..unemotional or detached…..The color GRAY is a sleeper.

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