Make a Splash

We love Summer – it’s when NAIL ART comes out of hibernation.  Once again women start wearing cool nail color shades – that are bold and vibrant.

And nothing shouts summer like H2O!  A day at the beach or sitting poolside…..H2O Nail Art will keep you LOOKing cool.  Here’s how to GET THIS LOOK:

Apply LOOK’s Nail Strengthening Base Coat.  Let dry.

Apply 2 Coats of LOOK #011 Turquoise to all nails.  Let dry.

Fill a small container with water – allow it to sit until it’s room temperature.  While the water sits…Use tape and (doing one nail at a time), mask around your nail with the tape to cover your cuticle area and sides of the nail.  This is for easy clean-up.

Using #021 White – place a couple of drops on top of the room-temperature water.  Allow it to spread out and then spray it with Hair Spray. It will start to separate causing a “special effect”.

Quicklydip your nail that has been masked with tape into the water picking the “special effect” area that most resembles “ocean waves”.

Pull your nail out – peel off the tape, and when dry – top it off and seal the nail art design with #025 Gel Like Top Coat.  Follow these steps for each nail.