Is CHOCOLATE healthy for you?

YES! (praise the Lord)….Chocolate is healthy for you…especially DARK Chocolate, as its loaded with antioxidants, and appears to have more Flavenoids than any other food.  What are Flavenoids….you ask?  They are asubclass of polyphenols (another BIG word) which are those plentiful and super heart healthy plant chemicals found in fruits and vegetable, and WINE..and CHOCOLATE!!!!

How about those monthly cravings….and the dreaded PMS? It’s said that Chocolate releases calming endorphins that reduce stress and anxiety.  Chocolate is also high in Magnesium, which reduces water retention.  PERFECT! Chocolate appears to be amazing, and so while you indulge….You might think about trying one of our NEW LOOK™ shades, that we just happened to name “CHOCOLATE” !!!!


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