If you love Nail Color & Nail Art – You could be a Nail Warrior!

Let’s face it…..if you’re into Nail Color and Nail Art, and you enjoy doing this yourselfOR even going to a Salon…..then you’re addicted and YOU GET IT.  No need to explain anything further to you – you’re a Nail Warrior!

But, I need to explain this to hopefully capture….some NEW recruits.  Let’s start with the potential of our 10 little digits.  In that we live in a world today where we communicate with one another via some form of technology…mainly “texting” – think about how visible our hands and nails are while doing this one thing.  We sure can’t hide our hands doing this – they are right up there “front and center” for the world to see!  Which brings me back to Nail Color and Nail Art.  What a beautiful way to express yourself!  Think about it….your NAILS could be sending one message – while your Fingers are busy “texting” another message.  It’s multi-tasking and you still don’t need to utter a vowel.  PERFECT!

So think about this….is there something that you’re passionate about, or is there something that you feel strongly about and is this something that you could display on your NAILS for the world to see?   I mean, you have 10 little digits – that are really like a walking BILLBOARD, so why not use them to create and show the world – what’s important to you?  It’s not that you have to make a statement or a point, but you could!  What fun that would be.  OR…maybe you just want to express your creativity with an original piece of art.  Maybe a geometric shape, or your favorite color?  Point is…..you have 10 Fingers (count them) – which means…..you have 10 little ART canvases to express yourself with.  As for the rest of us that watch your 10 little fingers texting away like CRAZY, well……it sure would give us something to LOOK at!

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