Friday Forum....How do I get started doing Nail Art, when I don't think I'm creative?

First of all you don’t have to consider yourself creative to do Nail Art.  All it takes is practice.  Don’t think of this as Work – it’s not.  In fact….it’s fun, if you just give it a chance.

The best way to introduce yourself to Nail Art is to simply TRY It.  Pick a simple design idea to start, like… Polka Dots!  AND…in that Polka Dots are on trend  for this Summer’s Fashions….you’ll also be Fashion Forward Too!

If you’re too hesitant to try nail art on your own nails to start – no worries.  At LOOK, we took this worry away with our PRACTICE NAIL WHEELS (check them out on our website).  You can use theses to create and practice Nail Art designs before attempting them on your own nails.  You can also use them to swatch your Nail color COLLECTION!

Now you do need some TOOLS, and we took care of that too with our LOOK Nail Art Kit.  It consists of the following:  A Striping Brush, a Detail Brush, 2 Dotting Tools, a Clean-up Brush, and one Practice Nail Wheel that I mentioned above.

So, let’s get started – we’re going to do POLKA DOT Nail Art.  Let’s imagine we’re going to use our featured shade of the week - #005 Crimson.  So, the plan is…..Red Nails with “white” POLKA DOTS. Such a CLASSIC LOOK.

Here are the steps:

•Apply your Base Coat!  Yes, you need to do this.  A Base Coat has all the properties in it that allows your Nail Color and Nail Art design to adhere to your nail.

•Next, you’re going to apply 2 coats of your selected Base Shade.  Here, we’re imagining using #005 Crimson, what we think is the PERFECT “red” shade!  Let this dry.

•Here come the Polka Dots!  We’re going to use WHITE to create our Polka Dots.  Now, the easiest way to do this is to use a “dotting tool”.  This is an instrument that has a stainless Steel “ball” on the end of a pencil type tool.  In fact, it has two balls – different sizes on each end.  If you don’t have a Dotting tool….no worries, you can use a Bobby Pin.

•If you have a paper plate, or a piece of foil, or a piece of cardboard even…..take your White nail color and place a few drops on your choice of artist’s “palette”.  Now, take your dotting tool or bobby pin and dip it into the “white” nail color.  Next, place a dot on your painted RED nail.  That’s it!  Pretty easy. Place your dots according to your liking – either in a pattern or sporadically on your nail.  Let this thoroughly dry because next…you’re going to apply a Top Coat to seal and protect your design.  I can’t stress enough that your Polka Dot Nail Art needs to be thoroughly dry before you apply your Top Coat. If it’s not…’re polka dots will no longer look like Polka Dots.

O.k., so I walked you through a quick and easy “do it yourself” Nail Art Design.  This is only one of many things you can do or try.  Get on Instagram or just Google the words “Nail Art Images”… media is loaded with many wonderful, and creative nail art designs and ideas.

Like everything in life, the more you practice…….the better you will get.  We hope this encourages you to give it a try.

Feel FREE to comment on our BLOG with anything MORE…that will help address Robin’s question.

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