Can a Make-up wedge be used to decorate nails??? Oh yes!

Ombre nail art designs.jpg


By Aparna Gupta

Every man/woman who loves make-up most certainly has a make-up sponge in their stash! :) But did you know that this small make-up accessory can also be used to achieve beautiful nails! If you are getting ready for a party with a perfect face and a perfect outfit, why not work on having perfect nails! And you don’t need anything special for it! The sponge that you just discarded after applying foundation, pick it up! It hasn’t served its purpose yet! :)

Let me take you through a number of ways this little wedge can be used to decorate your digits.

1. Apply your base coat and then a white polish. Let the polish completely dry and then secure the skin around your nails with scotch tape or liquid latex.

2. Now you are ready to use the sponge. It can blend 2 more colors on your nail seamlessly. Just apply one color after another on the sponge in stripes (as shown in the picture) and dab it on your nail. You might need to repeat this process 2-3 times to obtain the desired color intensity. Use opaque polishes having thicker formulas for best results.

3. The stripes can also be applied diagonally.

4. You can also apply them in blocks.

5. Or apply them randomly on the sponge to get a marbled look.

6. And if the artist in you wants to go further, you can do some color blocking, paint some leaves/flowers/trees or any other design on your gradient base or apply some glitter.

The possibilities are endless!

So you see, we don’t need fancy nail art accessories or expensive salon appointments to have pretty nails. And believe me, the satisfaction of painting your own nails is indescribable. So go ahead, give this technique a try. There is no way you can mess this up! In fact the messier it is the better it looks!


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