Watermarble....Practice makes perfect!

Water-marble process by Aparna Gupta.jpg

By Aparna Gupta

Have you always wanted to try water-marbling but are intimidated because the technique appears very complicated and seems to involve too many steps? Well, today let’s practice together using some easy tips and tricks that would make water-marbling “not-so-scary”! There is no short-cut to success, this technique requires practice but the tips discussed below will make it easy to BEGIN…which is usually the most difficult step of the learning process! :)

Step 0: The most important step is to select polishes that spread easily on water and form a thin circular layer. To test out the polishes, take room-temperature filtered water in a cup/small glass and drop in polishes to check for the ones that are successfully spreading. You can also test how well different polishes work with each other and chose a combination that you like.

The temperature of water will play a crucial role while water-marbling as very cold or hot water may dry the layers of polish too fast or it can disintegrate the polish. If you don’t have room temperature filtered water, take some in a glass and keep it out in your room overnight. You can use this water the next day.

Step 1: Once you find the right polishes and have the water at room temperature, it’s time to prep the nail. Apply 1-2 coats of a white polish on your nail. As the polishes spread on water surface, they thin out and therefore lose opacity and color intensity. To make them show up all bright and happy on the nail, a white base is a must.

 Water-marbling can also get real messy and you can end up with polish not only lodged deep into your cuticles but your fingers might get stained too. To save yourself from all the cleaning, secure the area around your nail with scotch tape or liquid latex (used in the picture). You can easily find these liquid latex formulations online now-a-days. You can apply them just like nail polish around your finger nail and they will save you from the clean-up drill later! Your welcome! ;)

Step 2: Once you have your nail prepped, you can go ahead and start dropping your polishes in water one by one. Make sure to drop the polish very close to the water surface. If you drop them from a distance, there are chances that the drop will sink to the bottom of the cup. The polish will make concentric rings on water surface. Keep on dropping polishes until you have the desired number of rings in your bulls-eye.

After this, quickly take a toothpick/ a small dotting tool/ a needle or nail art tool especially made for water-marbling (available online) and carve the design on the bulls-eye. In the picture I have carved a petal design. You can take help from the internet to look at different patterns that can be made and how to make them.

Step 3: Now, you don’t necessarily have to rush with this step but do not wait for a very long time either. Line up your finger exactly above the portion of the bulls-eye you want to have on the nail (like shown in the picture). Slowly dip your finger in water until it reaches half way inside the cup. Be careful that your finger nail does not touch the bottom of the cup or the sides otherwise you can ruin your design. Blow some air on the layers of polish still floating on the water surface. This will help to dry them faster. Then with a toothpick or any other nail art tool, remove those layers so that water surface is free of any polish remnants. Pull your finger out of the water slowly. If you did everything right, you should have the desired pattern on the nail.

Step 4: Finally, give the wet polish on the nail some time to dry. Read a book, watch TV or make some tea for yourself but be careful not to smudge your masterpiece in the process. Now, remove the scotch tape or liquid latex around the nail, you can clean any remaining polish on the skin with the help of polish remover and a small brush. Seal in your design with a good quality top coat and now you are ready to flaunt your beautiful nails.

Be careful, not to stare at them yourself all day! :)

This is a technique that most definitely requires some time to master. I had a number of issues when I initially started to water-marble. Give it time, don’t stop practicing! That’s the only way you can get better at it. Remember the first time you learned to drive or cook or even read & write. It all took practice! Start with simple designs, once you get better at making them, you will feel more confident to try the complex ones.

Go ahead, give it a try! It so relaxing! Your nails are your canvas, start PAINTING! <3

Polishes used:

LOOK White

LOOK Sky Blue

LOOK Lemon

LOOK Heliotrope

Top Coat: LOOK gel-like top coat


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