Do you love Roses?

Written by Aparna Gupta

Written by Aparna Gupta

Do you love a manicure with ROSES but don’t have time for a nail appointment? Well, paint ‘em yourself!!!!  J

I have always loved to paint “Roses” on my nails no matter the time or the season. But when I tried to explore the internet for some tutorials on “How to paint Roses”, I found most of them to be tedious and very complicated. The roses were usually painted by artists and nail technicians who have gone through years of practice and are unbelievably skilled.

Well, today I am going to share with you my secret to paint quick and easy roses with absolutely no artistic skills required. Are you ready? Here we go!

Step 1: Apply base coat and paint your base color. I chose a mint shade.

Step 2: When the base color dries completely, use a dotting tool to place a red dot on the nail.

Step 3: While the red dot is still wet, use the smaller end of the dotting tool to place a tiny pink dot on the red.

Step 4: Using the same smaller end of the dotting tool, gently swirl the two colors together. Be careful, do not mix them completely. We need to provide some dimension to the flowers.

Step 4: Paint some leaves in green with a small nail art brush and if you like add some metallic gold dots.

Step 5: After the nails dry completely, apply your favorite top coat to seal the design.

And that’s it! It’s that easy! Now go ahead, play with different colors and have FUN! And once you master this technique, you are ready to attempt more intricate designs!




List of shades used in the manicure:

·        LOOK Tropical Sea

·        LOOK Crimson

·        LOOK Cherry Blossom

·        LOOK Evergreen

·        LOOK Gold

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