Do you paint your own nails????


Some of you won’t even attempt painting your own nails, let alone attempting nail art.  But, unless you try it…how do you know? It’s not that hard – and you don’t need to have one creative bone in your body – it’s not about whether or not you feel you can draw a straight line or not. Think about it…..we all went to art class – right? These classes were open to all of us, not just creative artists. We can all learn to be creative –you’re not just born creative. But, you have to want to give it a try.

It’s amazing…because we hear all the time I can’t even paint my own nails.  But, when we ask have you tried to……????  The answer is almost always…..“No.  I just know I can’t do it”. How sad is this?  You didn’t know how to ride a bike, or drive a car until you learned how to do it. You didn’t know how to apply make-up before you experimented with what you felt looked best on you – the SAME applies to your Nails and whether or not you’re just adding Nail Color or letting yourself go and trying some nail art too!

It’s about practice. It’s all about trying! Let’s start with just painting your nails….First you’ll apply your Base Coat. This is easy because it’s “clear”…you don’t have to freak out trying to stay inside the lines like you did when you learned to color in a coloring book. And if you think back to how you learned to stay within the lines in a Coloring Book – painting your nails is just the same. So, next pick your nail color and think about letting the brush do all the work. Start with a stroke right down the middle of your nail – then another stroke on each side of the nail.  Allow the brush to fan out and drag the color to the edge of your nails and cuticle. This is your first coat – let it dry. Next, add a second coat in the same fashion. Let it dry. Lastly…..apply your Top Coat. Let it dry. 

Now, take a look at what you just did. The nail polish on your nails looks pretty good – right? What you’re worried about and the reason you feel you can’t paint your own nails is that You probably “colored outside the lines” a bit – right? Well, the good news is that the more You do this – the better you get at it. And…IF you did go outside the lines there’s a quick and Easy FIX! It’s called a “clean up” brush and we have one in our LOOK Nail Art Kit. You simply Dip the brush into Polish Remover to clean up any excess polish that found itself “outside the Lines”.  You’re Done! And… just did your own nails!!! Be proud and think of the money you just saved from going to a nail salon.

NOW……what about trying some Nail Art? Take a LOOK at the picture above. This is a nail art PRACTICE WHEEL. If you’re not comfortable practicing on your own nails – practice on this.  Check out our LOOK Nail Art Kit, as it contains all the tools you need to create Nail Art. A dotting tool for example.

Start with a simple design (such as what is pictured here). A flower! All it takes is a dotting tool and placing 5 dots in a circular pattern to form a flower. Add a few green leaves and/or stems – and you’ve got a flower garden. Remember, PRACTICE makes perfect, but you can DO nail art……anyone can. You just have to be willing to give it a try.

Other tips to get started and comfortable with doing Nail Art:

•Use a practice wheel to test out your design.

•Start with a simple design.

•Use nail art tools (i.e. striping brush, dotting tools) – they make it so much easier.

•When you’re ready to apply nail art to your own nails…maybe just do your “ring finger” to start. It’s a great way to accent your nails and get comfortable with your new LOOK.

•Use the internet for nail art ideas and designs. This will inspire you.

•Visit our “how to” section on our website for simple and easy steps to create nail art.

•Don’t give up – keep practicing. You’ll be amazed at how easy it is and how good you get at it.  AND…’s fun.

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