Welcome Back to School!!!

It’s Back to School time again!  You’re probably feeling VERY excited and little sad too – that summer is over.  It’s a great time though…..NEW Teachers, NEW Friends, maybe even a NEW School.  It’s a FRESH start.

Let’s make your first day back even more FUN…. with a NEW LOOK for your Nails.  Here’s one of our favorites, but you can find other “back to school” nail art designs/ideas on our website.

This one is fun, because your using a MATTE Black polish which resembles the CHALKBOARD, and remember those Teachers who actually used Pastel Pink and Pastel Blue chalk and NOT just White ???  Well, we have all those colors – so you can mix it up.

What makes this one fun though is there are no rules to follow….you’re just doodling and scribbling away like you do on your notebooks, and book covers…..but this time………it’s on your nails.  All you really need to do these designs are the Matte Black Polish (which is the most important), White, Pink, and Blue Nail Color….and you’re got it.  The only other thing is a Nail Art detail brush, which is a fine or thin bristled brush that allows you to doodle with nail color – same way you doodle with a pen or pencil, because it allows you to make intricate designs easily…………or in this case intricate doodles.

One thing you don’t want to do is use a TOP Coat.  Normally you should - with any nail art design as it seals and protects your nail art, but in this case you want the MATTE finish.  You don’t want a shiny blackboard.  You SHOULD however ALWAYS use a BASE COAT…………..especially with this design.  Dark Nail Color can stain your nails, so use a Base Coat!  Some people like to skip this step and just hurry up and apply their Nail Color.  Not only does Base Coat prevent nail color from staining your nails it also serves a really good purpose other than this.  Base Coat has properties that actually make your Nail Color or Nail Polish adhere to your nail.  This means your nail color will wear better and last longer, and not chip and peel off.  So, it’s worth the extra step.

Here are the LOOK Nail Colors used for this design – pictured here:

#023 Matte Black

#026 Pink

#021 White

#008 Sky Blue

If you need a detail brush you might want to visit our website and check out our LOOK Nail Art Kit, it has all the nail art tools you could possibly use.

Happy Doodling!

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