Make the POOL your GYM this Summer!

As you can probably tell we’re into all things healthy, after all our LOOK Nail Color is 8 FREE !!!! But, one of this summer’s best ever treats is working out in the POOL.  Water workouts are great.  Think about it… can get fit, build strength and stay cool, with NO IMPACT water workouts.

Water workouts were once used primarily for rehabilitation purposes, but this has all changed. It’s proven not only to build strength, but to improve cardiovascular fitness and you can BURN CALORIES too!  You don’t even have to be a swimmer… can easily make a splash in your fitness level without even getting your hair wet. 

Want to get started?  There’s 2 great books we found on Amazon that we like.

1.Fantastic Water Workouts by MaryBeth Pappas Baun

2.Make the Pool your Gym by Dr. Karl Knopf

There’s also some great “water workout” gear available on Amazon.  Buoyancy Belt, Ankle Weights, AND dumb-bells to name a few.

Why does WATER fitness work?  Water adds approximately 12 percent more resistance than land-basedexercise. The WATER is multidirectional resistance and in that your muscles typically work in pairs – the resistance of the water allows you to work opposing muscle groups.  Water also acts as a cushion, because your body when immersed in water up to the chest, bears approximately 25% of your body weight.  But, the BEST part…….is water regulates your temperatureand protects you from overheating, so you’re not going to get all hot and sweaty.  When it’s too hot out for land-based exercise…jump in the pool instead.

So, instead of just lounging around in your pool on a raft with your friends……….crank up the music and get started with some water workout routines this summer. 

AND, we have (of course) the perfect Nail ART to compliment your water workout.  Visit the “how to” section of our website at and checkout our “Make A Splash” nail art tutorial. 

Have aGREAT Summer – Have Fun – Stay Fit – and Be Safe!

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