Does he like your “painted” nails?

Well, first of all………who cares if he likes it – or not.  Do you like your nails painted? If you answered yes – then it doesn’t really matter if he likes it or not.  Right?  They’re your NAILS. I’m sure he does notice your nails though, and shame on him if you have them nicely shaped, and polished and he doesn’t comment on them.  Maybe that’s a sign that he’s just not that Into you????  Most men know what we women go through To LOOK good – the least they can do is pay a compliment once in awhile.

One of the first things most people notice about other people are their nails, and they can say so much about you.   And it works both ways…..Men notice women’s nails and visa-versa.  Rest assured he’s noticed your hands and your nails.  One thing men seem to comment negatively about when it comes to women’s nails is…….they don’t like long, pointy fake nails loaded with rhinestones, and 3D diamonds, studs and butterflies…or whatever. They do prefer a clean, nice shaped nail and it’s really no big deal to them if the nails are painted or au natural.  So, it boils down to whether YOU like your nails painted.

It’s nice….IF he does share with you how much he likes the nail color your wearing.  But that doesn’t mean that guys should even begin to suggest how they would prefer anything about your look.  Remember, a self-loving woman shouldn’t care about his opinion of her looks.  You need to be YOU.

Think about it this way…..and this will surely hit home.  Here’s a hypothetical….IF you have beautiful, bouncy auburn hair that reaches the middle of your back and you get compliment after compliment on your hair just about everyday,  it would be safe to say that YOU love your hair.  Right?  Well, what if that special guy tells you he likes SHORT hair?  Would you cut it?  I hope not.

It’s crossing a fine line…..because it’s one thing to be a strong, powerful, self confident woman, and it’s completely something else to want to please your guy every once in a while, if he does have a preference for your LOOK.  There’s no problem showing your softer side – you’re still a self-loving woman!

Back to your nails – and whether or not your guy likes your nails painted or not.  It is silly to plan your life around what a man likes best on you – but at the same time it’s a very competitive field out there when it comes to dating, because there are more women then men, so it’s hard to blame you for doing all that you can to catch the right guy.  We get that.  So, we did a little homework and the top 5 LOOK shades men like are:  Crimson, Lilac, Rose, Cherry Blossom and Persimmon. So feel free to slap on some Nail Color – if that’s what you like best on you!

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