Will you LOVE your LOOK....This Summer?

This Summer our parade of nail color shades is focusing on LOVE YOUR LOOK.  Why you ask?  Think about it…. Your hands are out there doing all kinds of things…..Bike riding, yoga, texting, getting dressed, working, shopping, etc., etc. The list goes on and on.  Your hands and your nails by the way are being LOOKed at by others….almost 24/7.  Think about how often you look at other’s hands.  It’s a big tell-all too on job interviews…..did you know that?  Your hands and fingernails can speak volumes to others….about YOU.   So, I ask…..what do your hands have to say?

Let’s start with your fingernails.  Because they make the hand.  Ever wonder why we even have fingernails?   Fingernails do help us to peel fruit, untie knots, and scratch an itch, But,  I like to think of them as an accessory (for our hands) like a ring or a bracelet.

Yet, they’re only an accessory if they adorn Nail Color.  So, right now look at your hands, but specifically your fingernails.  Are they naked or do you have a distinct LOOK going on?  Are you wearing nail color or maybe Nail art?  Do you take care of your nails?  Are they at least clean and neatly filed?

PERFECT!   Now, let’s ACCESSORIZE your fingernails!   Pick out your favorite LOOK Nail Color Shade, and then join us by participating in our summer long LOVE YOUR LOOK campaign.  You can catch the details on our Instagram.

We want you to LOVE YOU LOOK, and once you give LOOK Nail Color a try we’re Confident you will LOVE it!  LOOK is 8-FREE, VEGAN, CRUELTY FREE, and made In the USA.