You don’t have to be an ARTIST to do Nail Art!

It’s true.  All you need is the internet.  There are so many “how-to’s” to help you get started.  You’ll get to know all the techniques and the tools you’ll need to start creating your own nail art.

Too scared to give it a try?  No need to be, it’s not permanent.  If you don’t like what you created……….REMOVE it.  But, like they say….when you fall off a horse, you should get right back on.   So, try again. It does take practice and if you’re uncomfortable practicing on Your own nails….at LOOK they have Practice Nail ART Wheels which are exactly for this purpose……….PRACTICE!  Nail Art is easy, and you’ll be surprised at how easy it is to do once you start creating. 

I know women who won’t paint their own nails with just plain nail color.  Why….you ask?  Because they say they can’t.  That they don’t know how.  C’mon – really ???  This baffles me… it’s just not that hard.  And how do you know…..if you don’t try?    They once learned how to shave their legs – right ?

Like I said….you don’t have to be an ARTIST – but what you do need is at least the desire to give it a try.  Doing your own nails is such nice “me time” and doing nail art puts it at a whole other level……it’s actually FUN.  

Ever go to an ART show for modern art….and hear someone in the crowd say “I could do that”. That’s what I like to hear……because we all have the ability to “create”.  Same applies to Nail Art.  Just because your canvas is the size of a finger nail – has nothing to do with anything.

So, how do you get started with creating Nail Art?  First, go SHOP.  Pick out a number ofnail colors or nail polish whatever you choose to call it…………..and BUY them.  No need to panic yet – this is still one of the fun parts.  Now, pick Colors that you LOVE – but, you’ll also need to make sure you buy WHITE Nail Color & BLACK Nail Color too, as these are both used heavily In Nail Art.  Then, get some “tools” or a Nail Art Kit such as what LOOK provides.  These kits contain several different Nail Art Brushes and dotting tools.  You’ll also need a Base Coat, a Top Coat and of course……cotton balls and Nail Polish Remover.  That’s pretty much it………’re ready to give this a try.

You can start on your own nails or like mentioned above you can practice on a LOOK Practice Nail Art Wheel.  Always start with a base coat and let it dry.  Let’s pick something easy, and fun to start (like the graffiti nail art pictured here).  After your base coat – apply 2 coats of WHITE Nail Polish and let it dry.  Now, taking 4 or 5 of the new Nail Polish shades you just purchased…….and doing one nail at a time…..simply add small droplets of each color to your nail.  Then, using the end of a dotting tool or Toothpick……gently swirl the colors together.  There’s no right or wrong design here.  Let this thoroughly dry – then apply a high-shine Top Coat…… LOOK’s Gel-Like Top Coat.  That’s it – you’re done!  See how easy Nail Art can be?

Check out the internet…….just google “Nail art ideas”………………….and you’ll be amazed at all the pics – not to mention all the YouTube tutorials to help you.    There really is no good excuse NOT to give Nail Art a try.   Add some color and fun to your nails – let them express something about who you are.   Say goodbye to naked nails