Feeling Lazy? You know you need a manicure….but, you’re just not in the mood to do your nails ????

If this is the case, you need to add something new or exciting to help boost your mood to get this Mani done.  Perhaps, it’s a new color, or maybe you just might want to try a new technique ???  How about a “Paint Over” ?

If you’re current manicure or shade can still hold it’s own for a couple of more days, why not try a “paint over”.  It will save you time, but perhaps we can take it a bit further and create a new “textured” look for your Nails too!  Maybe this can get you in the mood ???

Pic #1 shows an existing week old manicure – that’s not in bad shape, as well as, the color selection for this new mani.

Pic #2 shows a “paint over” with the new brighter and lighter shade.  Only 1 coat was applied – but this is an awesome crème formula that goes on with great opacity.  One coat was all we needed.

Pic #3 shows a textured nail technique using the “netting” or “bag” that lemons come in.

Pic #4 shows the finished “distressed” LOOK.

So, here’s how you do it.  After you do your “paint over” (one nail at a time) as the “paint over” NAIL needs to be “wet” to apply the texture.  Simply take a section of the lemon bag and twist and fold it so that you can easily dab it onto the just “painted over” nail.  This will cause a distressed LOOK – by allowing the color from last week’s mani to come through giving you a new Nail color & textured “distressed” LOOK.   Do each Nail “one at a time” – let dry – then top it off with our favorite Gel-Like Top Coat.

Do you realize what you just accomplished in record time……a new manicure, a new LOOK, and you didn’t even have to remove your old polish first.  Well done!