Who doesn’t like Nail Art?

Think about this…..there are over 2.5 million google searches for the term “nail art” on a monthly basis, in addition to a plethora of nail blogs, Pinterest boards, Instagram Photos, and magazines DEDICATED TO THIS ART FORM.  This is impressive, especially when you consider this ART is created on a canvas the size of a fingernail.  Simply AMAZING!

Why admire this art form from afar?  Why not give it a try yourself? 

What if there was a kit that provided you all the tools necessary to make you a Nail Artist?  GOOD NEWS – there is.  LOOK NAIL ART KIT provides you with all the necessary tools to help you NAIL your LOOK, as well as, a TOP COAT that seals and protects your Nail ART design.

1.Striping Brush:  This is a long, thin brush used for painting straight thin lines simply by dragging the brush across your nail. 

2.Detail Brush:  This is “THE” Brush in nail art.  A small bristle that affords you the most control and precision when doing intricate designs.

3.Clean Up Brush:  This brush when dipped in polish remover makes clean up around your nails and cuticles quick and easy without risking any damage to your nail art design.

4.Double-Ended Dotting Tool:  2 tools in one, and there are two of them in the kit.  One end is larger than the other, allowing your to make two different sized “dots”.  So, if flowers or polka dots are your thing….these are the tools you need.