Friday Forum Question....Why does my Nail Color – no matter what brand I use…..always CHIP?

Most like to blame the “nail color brand” but, the truth is it has more to do with the “steps” you need to take to insure a chip-proof manicure.  To start…your nails needs to be clean, and dry.  Ready?  Let’s try your next Manicure following these steps – to see if this works for you.

YOU MUST USE A BASE COAT.  A Base Coat contains the necessary “adhesion properties” and prepares the nail surface for optimum nail color application.  YOU CANNOT SKIP THIS STEP!  There are many types of Base Coats. At LOOK we provide for a Nail Strengthening Base Coat, as well as, a Nail PRIMER Base Coat (Nail Canvas).  Both deliver in terms of the “adhesion” properties required not only to enhance your nail color, or strengthen your nails, but to “set up your nail surface” for COLOR.

Now you’re ready for COLOR…..but, pay attention here as I’m going to tell you the biggest reason for “nail chipping” and that is…………..(drum roll), YOU MUST LET EACH COAT OF COLOR DRY COMPLETELY BEFORE APPLYING THE NEXT COAT.  And This means whether you use 2 coats or 3 coats of color.  No one likes waiting for polish to dry – it’s the same as waiting for a pot of water to boil, so you can add the pasta, but this is THE “key” to a chip-proof mani.

The FINAL step is a good TOP Coat.  There are many types of TOP Coats as well.  Some strengthen, some provide amazing Shine, such as LOOK’s Gel-Like Top Coat which has a voluminous texture that offers a plump glossy finish.  The thicker film fuses the layers of color affording a shield to maximize the wear characteristics of Nail Color and Nail Art.  The critical step when applying your TOP COAT is to cover the free edge of your nail with Top Coat by first applying a horizontal swipe covering the tip and backside of the nail – and then the entire face of your nail.

Let’s review………………..

1.Base Coat – an absolute MUST DO!

2. 2 to 3 coats of color – EACH COAT MUST DRY COMPLETELY!

3. Top Coat – to seal and protect – making sure to cover the “free edge” of your nail.

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