What LOOK Nail Polish colors go together?

It’s almost summer – time to mix it up and wear more than one color on your nails.  Time to make some ART!  One color – all the time – gets so boring.

Start by thinking of your nail art designs as ART (because it is)…you won’t worry so much about what color goes with what.  Simply take a LOOK around you – there are no rules when it comes to COLOR and ART.  There are some tips however…to help you overcome your artistic inhibitions.

Always consider having “WHITE” in your nail polish collection, since it goes with everything.  Same for BLACK.  Since neither of these shades are really “colors” – they work with all REAL Colors.

If you’re a bit on the conservative side, and wish to start with a minimalistic approach to your nail art – try a monochromatic LOOK…such as “ombre nails”.  You’ll be using slightly different shades of the “same” color – for a gradient LOOK.

Here are some of our favorite LOOK color combinations:

1) #021 White:  As mentioned before, this goes with every color, but…team it up with Black, Gold, Red and even Blue.

2) #046 Crème:  A “neutral shade” goes beautifully with Chocolate, Evergreen, and even Turquoise.

3) #048 Shadow:  the perfect Gray hue…..goes beautifully with Cherry Blossom Pink.

4) #050 Cherry Blossom Pink: is a very versatile shade and coordinates with a vast number of LOOK shades, such as Turquoise, Sky Blue, Chocolate, and yes…WHITE.

5) #005 Crimson:  Red happens to remain one of the most popular nail polish shades and we like to match her up with Black, Gold, and even Silver.

6) #051 Fire it Up:  Speaking of RED – this shade is ON fire.  A vibrant Orange-Red looks Great with Shadow (Gray).

7) #012 Aqua:  Our favorite color trio is this beautiful Aqua shade teamed up with Persimmon and Gold.  A striking, truly SUMMER LOOK.

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