Friday Forum Question.....When should you let your nails breathe?

This week’s question is: Is it better to go without nail color to let your nails breathe, and if so, for how long?

Well, first of all…..your nails don’t actually “breathe”.  Nails get their nutrients and oxygen from your blood stream, so you’re not depriving your nails of oxygen by wearing Nail Color.  So, if you’re experiencing dryness, peeling, or breaks….it’s got nothing to do with oxygen deprivation.  The nail itself is made up of non-living Keratin, which is ALSO just like your hair.  Your Hair and your Fingernails are not “alive” – so, they cannot feel pain – and they do not breathe. Wearing or not wearing Nail Color has nothing to do with your nail’s ability to get oxygen.

The 2nd part to your question is more pertinent – should you give your NAILS a break from wearing nail color?  Not really….because the main reason for this has not so much to do with your Nail Color but more to do with the frequent removing of nail polish with Acetone Remover which can cause your nails to crack, peel, separate and become brittle. Those of you who use GEL products are more at risk because of the extended time your nails stay in Acetone with the soaking and harsh scrubbing required to remove the GEL product.

There are always solutions IF you do feel your nails need a break – but, at the same time find it hard to go without that COLOR!  Instead of leaving your nails unpolished try our LOOK Nail Strengthening Base Coat to give your nails some love. It has treatment properties, such as “horsetail” which is a healing herb rich in nutrients and high in silica, to promote STRONG HEALTHY NAILS.  One coat of this, and then go ahead and slap on some Color…..because those of us addicted to Nail Color would never think of exposing our dry, cracked and brittle nails to the world? And there’s no reason we have to.

It’s our go-to-trick to rehab nails without losing your COLOR.  Thanks Meghan for your great question.  If anyone has ideas, solutions, experiences that can help address Meghan’s concern….please feel free to chime in on our BLOG.


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