Friday Forum....Can you tell me more about LOOK Nail Canvas – what exactly does it do?

LOOK Nail Canvas is more than just a base coat – think of it more as a “primer base coat” – same thing an artist would use to prepare their canvas for painting…..where the primer penetrates and becomes a stable base for painting, with a good tooth that holds the paint.  Another example of PRIMER use is a house painter who will prepare the wall with a primer coat so that the paint does not absorb into the drywall and requires more coats to reach the optimum color selection.

So, LOOK Nail Canvas does two things… prepares the nail to “grip the color”, and it also is a COLOR enhancer.  There are a lot of beautiful Nail Color Shades out there that look great in the bottle, but once you get them home and apply that first coat what you might experience is a flimsy opacity – the color just doesn’t POP like it looks in the bottle, and therefore requires numerous coats.  This is especially true with some of the light beautiful pastels.  On the other hand…..the popularity of “blue” and “green” nail color shades…lends itself to “staining” because of the high pigmentation required in these formulas. That said…a base coat of some sort is a MUST.

Nail Canvas can be used by itself as a base/primer coat before applying Nail Color or Nail Art, but it can also be applied OVER a base coat that has nutritional value to the nail, such as our Nail Strengthening Base Coat, which has both basecoat adhesion properties and STRENGTHENING treatment properties, as it contains “horsetail” which is a healing herb, rich in nutrients and high in silica, which promotes strong healthy nails.

Beverly, thank you for your interest and your question – we hope this answered your question.  If anyone else has ideas, suggestions, or input, please feel free to comment on our BLOG.

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