What does Fashion and Nail Color have in common?

Everything!  This past weekend, LOOK Nail Color had the opportunity to partner with celebrity nail artist Tracylee, @luxebytracylee and AreaNYC fashion designers at NEW YORK Fashion Week – Fall 2017.

Pictured here is one of Tracylee’s designs using 2 coats of #049 Café Au Lait Nail Color by LOOK Nail Color. Tracylee hand sculpted the flowers and leaves out of acrylic and before they were applied to the nail, she painted them to match the nail color, but then topped the sculptured piece with a Matte Top Coat to give it contrast from the shiny nail.

With each season, comes new exciting trends…..and they’re usually pulled right off the runways.  It’s not just Fashion, it’s hair, it’s make-up, and it’s Nails.  So, if you want to update your Manicure…simply LOOK to the runways – you won’t be disappointed.

For Spring/Summer 2017…. Nails will be breaking away from the“barely there” nudes to bright BOLD Primary Colors, and Nail ART is back with color-blocking, bold bands of color, stripes, polka-dots and geometric shapes.

So, get ready to update your Nail Color Collection with some NEW vivid shades and bring out your dotting tool, your striping brush, your tape, and get ready to rumble!


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