Keeping an Open Mind….

Are you disappointed, frustrated and saddened by the "them vs us" mentality taking over our conversations today. Whether it's political party affiliation, or race relations, or immigration, etc. etc. etc., the hateful language that is dominating the airways, and social media severely limits our ability to listen to each other and conduct any kind of serious discussion of differing viewpoints. How can we ever hope to have growth in ideas and, where it makes sense, compromise?

example…comments like "I hate Barack Obama." Or "I can't stand anything Donald Trump says." Here’s an alternative.  "I disagree with the Affordable Care Act because..." or "I found his comments offensive for these reasons...".  We do not have to totally close our minds and shut down our ability to think and reason. None of us is perfect, so let's not be throwing those stones. Let's give people and issues time. That way we can see multiple viewpoints, listen attentively without rushing to add our comments and judge people on their actions. The conversation can be inquiring and critical, and at the same time productive and positive.

We want to hear what you think?!

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