Even real ARTISTS wear Nail ART!

JRO...an amazing Artist, and her works of ART, just like her…are simply breathtaking!

When we saw her exhibiting her amazing ART at the Southwest Arts Festivalin Indio, California…..she was also exhibiting some Nail ART and we couldn’t resist the PIC.

 Here’s a little bit about our Artist Friend…. Jennifer Rae Ochs In her own words…..


"My work is a celebration of moments in time. I revel in conflict amid conviction. Resolution is found in the creative process. Texture becomes solution, color stages revolution. Raw emotion invites me to the canvas. Strokes are felt long after the brush is laid to rest. I check the canvas for a pulse and dig the vibrations."

Her next exhibit is in Scottsdale……Waterfront Fine Art & Wine Festival, February 10-12, 2017, Scottsdale, Arizona.




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