How to apply nail paint perfectly…!!!



Submitted by:  Itti Kapoor at GlamUp Nailz

Have you always wanted to achieve a salon like manicure at home?  Here I have a few tips on how to achieve a salon like quality manicure at home..!!

1.   The most important step is to apply a base coat to protect your natural nails from any damage or staining

2.  Next start by taking your favorite color nail paint and tap off all the nail paint from one side of the nail paint brush.

3.  Now turn over the brush to the other side and dab off the excess slightly. Now you have the perfect amount of nail paint that is needed to paint your nail.

4.  Start at the bottom center of your nail just near the cuticle.  Place a drop of nail paint right above the cuticle and press it lightly dragging the color towards the top of the nail.

5. Next take the same brush from the left bottom side and drag the color to the top of the nail so that you cover the left side of the nail completely.

6. Now repeat the same steps for the right side of the nail.

7. Seal in the tip of the nail by using the same brush and apply a stroke across the top of your nail tip… this will insure that your manicure stays on longer.

8. Don’t worry if any nail paint gets on your skin just remove it using a brush or a cotton swab dipped in remover.

9. Now finally seal your manicure with a top coat to add a beautiful shine to it.

And there it is…your salon quality manicure at home.

You can check out Itti’s video on her YouTube channel:


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