DOTTICURE……The most effective therapy for “Boring nails”!!! :)


By Aparna Gupta

So you had all your attention in putting together that perfect Halloween costume but completely forgot about the icing on the cake…..your nails!!!! Well do not worry! Dr.Oz might not be able to help you here but I certainly can! And the quickest medication for those depressed digits is “Dotticure”! :)

It sounds very complicated but it is just a fancy term for “making dots”! Yep….the tiny little dots can help give you some fun nails in no time and this technique is completely customizable. Just grab a dotting tool or a bobby pin or even an empty ball point pen! Basically anything that helps you create some dots, will work! Next, pull out the shades of polish that you like and we can start the treatment.

You can easily customize the base color and the color of the dots according to your costume. For example, if you are dressing up as a Superhero, you can make something similar to what’s shown on the first two nails of the nail wheel! First nail can easily be paired with a batman/woman costume & second one for a Superman/girl costume.

Similarly, you can make dots to compliment a witch or a vampire costume.

Or make some fun g0ogly eyes that will look sp0oktacular with any Halloween outfit!

And if you want pretty nails not just for Halloween but all the time (which I think we all do), make some flowers out of the dots like shown in the picture.

It cannot get simpler than this!

So, don’t let those “boring nails” spoil all the fun this Halloween. Just give them a Dotticure and you are ready to ROCK THE PARTY! :)


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