What goes on in your brain, when the light bulb  suddenly turns on and a brilliant idea comes out of nowhere?


Ideas are connected with creativity, and everyone of us has creative ability. Your creativity is what makes you come up with different solutions and new ideas.  Did you ever notice that when you focus hard on something that your creativity gets blocked, and yet, at the same time…when you let your brain wander all of a sudden the lightbulb goes off and some amazing idea or solution comes to you out of nowhere ???

This “lightbulb” effect happens when your frontal lobes go into some type of hibernation or sleep mode.  When your brain is in that state of mind…its easier for ideas to flow from your unconscious into your conscious mind….and the lightbulb goes on.  It’s kind of like when you try and think of that actor’s name who was in that movie….and you just can’t bring up that name.  The more you try to focus on it – the more it’s just not coming to you.  Then, you move on and you stop trying to think so hard about that actor’s name…………and outta the blue – it comes to you.

So, when it comes to needing a creative idea or solution….let your brain do all the work for you.

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