Should I stay or should I go….?



It’s almost February, and Valentine’s Day… a day to reflect on the relationship you’re in.  Sometimes, you question if the relationship is working.  So, how do you REALLY get along?  When things erupt….sometimes it’s easier to LOOK at ourselves…..first.


1. When things aren’t quite right….do you assign blame or make accusations?

2. Are you defensive when things start to spiral out of control?

3. Are you more interested in defending your own position? 

4. Are you really open to listening and understanding what your    significant other is expressing?

5. Are you trying to take control – do you need the Power? 

6. Do you walk away, slam the door and leave?


Understanding, respect, and listening to one another is key to a successful relationship…..ask yourself this:  Do you want to be in charge…. or do you want to be in love?

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