NAKED Nails?

What is it today?  Beautiful makeup, beautiful hair, great outfit, nice jewelry…..and NAKED Nails?

We see this over, and over…..and wonder why?  Is it because you don’t have the time to slap on some nail color?  Is it because you don’t know how to paint your own nails and it’s too costly to keep visiting a salon?  Do you feel that nail color is toxic?  What is it?

Today, your nails are more visible than ever……just think about all the texting you do.  Yep, you’re putting your nails out there in front of the world with just this one act.  Your hands speak volumes and say so much about who you are.  So, why don’t you want your nails to reflect who you are?

Inquiring minds want to know…..feel free to comment and let us know why you prefer NAKED NAILS vs. COLOR.



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