Put it in Neutral in 2017!

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Finally!  2017 says good-bye to the “Barley There Nail Color”. This sounds harsh, but hey… we’re a Nail COLOR brand and we’re all about COLOR.

Say HELLO to beautiful EARTH TONE SHADES in 2017.

These awesome earthy shades will allow you to still PUT IT IN NEUTRAL which is a gentle, but impressive upgrade to the barely there nail color trend with colors like Chocolate or

Café Au Lait that will work perfectly for you as everyday shades – but, are noticeably a step up from the “barely there” Nail Color.  Why wear nail color – if you don’t want anyone to notice?

Don’t get too comfortable just yet.  In fact…buckle up because 2017 has some other BIG surprises in store with Nail Color this coming summer.  More to come on this…..

Without a doubt….NEUTRAL madness has taken over the Design, Cosmetic and Fashion worlds.  In terms of your LIVING SPACE….For a chic and elegant Neutral LOOK try using different shades of a chosen Neutral COLOR it’s a Great way to bring YOUR room together without it feeling flat.

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