What does your Office Space say about you?

Some of us at LOOK HQ wish our Office Space could look like this. The truth is you’d be hard pressed to even see the“surface” of many of our desk tops at LOOK.  What you will see is lots and lots of paper, lots of sticky notes, lots of note pads….and lots of LOOK Bottles.  If fact the only time you will see a tidy desk at LOOK Nail Color is the Friday before the weekend cleaning crew is scheduled to come in.

According to some researchers they found that keeping a messy desk vs. a tidy desk…speaks volumes about your personality.

A messy desk person shows that they’re very busy and truly engaged in their work.  These people tend to be more creative, and produce more fresh and innovative ideas. Then there is the other side of the coin…. The “neat freak”the one with a totally clean desk surface – where everything has a purpose and it’s own spot.  These people tend to always “do the right thing”.  They’re organized, efficient, and they get the work done – and they always meet deadlines.

So, bottom line…..never judge your co-worker’s work space.  We all work differently.  Clean or messy?  It all comes down to what makes people productive and what works best for each individual.

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