My next bathroom will have an awesome way to DISPLAY my Nail Color Collection by COLOR grouping. And speaking of bathrooms…………

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Have you ever done your nails while sitting on the pot? I mean, it’s a great way to multi-task – right ?  Here are some things to consider….should you want to try this.

1. Know up front you’re going to be there awhile…a sure way to mess up a fresh mani is to think you can pull up those panties and not ruin that manicure….unless those nails are completely dry….. it’s not happening, and lets not forget….there’s a step in between when you’re ready to do this – but, we won’t go there.  And that’s Impossible even if you’re a PRO.

2. So just be prepared…..bring with you a cold drink, maybe your IPad, a magazine, your cell phone (but, just know there is always a “bathroom echo” so your friends will know where you’re calling from), or anything else you can think of to help you pass the time.

3. An absolute MUST and the MOST important TIP………YOU NEED TO USE A QUICK DRYING TOP COAT.  At LOOK, we suggest you try our Quick Dry Top Coat #044 Tout De Suite (that’s French for pretty darn Fast). Guaranteed this will speed things up and you will have such a sense of accomplishment having multi-tasked.

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