It’s Back to School time again!  You’re probably feeling excited and little sad too – that summer is over.  It’s a great time though…..NEW Teachers, NEW Friends, maybe even a NEW School.

Make your first day back even more FUN…. with a NEW LOOK.

bts 1.jpg

Lined Paper

Here’s what you’ll need:

•#021 White

•#008 Sky Blue

•#026 Pink

And here’s how to do it:

•Apply Base Coat – Let dry.

•Apply 2 Coats of #021 White – Let Dry.

•Using a striping brush and #008 Sky Blue draw several lines “horizontally” and evenly spaced across your nail from “tip to cuticle”.  Let dry.

•Using a striping brush and #026 Pink make a vertical line on the left side of your nail.  Let dry.

•Extra credit ?  You can always give your paper an A+ grade, by using #022 Black and a Detail Brush… doing it free-hand.  No worries….A’s are easy to do free-hand.

•When you’re done and your nails are thoroughly dried – Seal and Protect your design by applying #025 Gel-Like Top Coat.

Pencil Nail Art

Here’s what you’ll need:

•#001 Lemon

•#026 Pink

•#019 Silver

And here’s how you do it:

•Apply Base Coat – let dry.

•Apply 2 Coats of #001 Lemon to entire nail – let dry.

•Apply 2 Coats of #026 to the very TIP of your nail – let dry.

•Use a Striping Brush and #019 Silver and create a band between the Lemon & Pink Colors.  Let dry thoroughly.

•Seal and Protect with a Top Coat – we suggest using #025 Gel-Like Top Coat


Teacher’s Apple

Here’s what you’ll need:

#021 White

#005 Crimson

#015 Evergreen

And here’s how to do it:

•Apply Base Coat – Let dry.

•Apply 2 Coats #021 White – Let dry.

•Using a detail brush and #005 Crimson….and doing this free-hand fill in a portion of your nail (can be done at the “tip” or “base” of your nail) with an irregular “apple shaped” circle.  Let dry.

•Add the apple leaf using your detail brush and #015 Evergreen.

•Add the apple “shine” effect by using your detail brush and #021 white to paint in a thin half-moon accent on either side of the apple.  Let dry.

•Seal and protect your design by using #025 Gel-Like Top Coat.

Chalkboard Nails

Here’s what you need:

•#023 Matte Black (for the chalkboard)

•#021 White (white chalk color)

•#026 Pink (pink chalk color)

•#008 Sky Blue (blue chalk color)

And here’s what to do:

•Apply 2 coats of #023 Matte Black to all your nails – let dry.

•And here’s the fun part:  Use whatever chalk colors you want and simply scribble and doodle away.  A game of tic-tac-toe, hearts, grade marks, question marks, hashtags……let yourself go!

•Do NOT use a Top Coat for this nail art – you want to keep the MATTE finish so it resembles a blackboard.