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The best way to DETOX your Nail Color Collection

Hello. Welcome to LOOK Nail Color.

We’re not just another nail color brand. We're a NAIL ART BRAND who specializes in Nail Color-for the Nail Artist. The Nail Artist has high standards, and she should. She invests a lot of time in her nail art designs. Whether it's water-marbling, stamping, free-hand designs, or stencils and tape....LOOK Nail Color delivers.  Even if Nail Art isn't your thing......and you're just into using Nail Color for regular mani's and pedi's...... you have to know the quality is there IF we set out from the get-go to meet expectations of a Nail Artist for our brand. That doesn't mean we won't try to entice you to give Nail Art a try....we've made it easy for you too-with our Nail Essentials (A Nail Art Kit, Practice Nail Wheels, and even a Manicure Mat to help protect your work surface). We've thought of it all. 

We’re about Creativity, self-expression, and inspiring the uninspired. And we're certainly all about everything creative with Nail COLOR. Think about how remarkable this ARTIST is.... when her canvas is the size of a fingernail? She deserves a quality product, and LOOK has delivered an exceptional Color Palette that is reasonably priced. 

What is Nail Color? Your favorite LOOK Nail Color shades are comprised of pigments and/or dyes that are incorporated and suspended in various solvents and bases. They're formulated so thatLOOK Nail Color is tough and durable and can adhere to the human Nail- soyour Nail Color will not readily crack, chip, peel or splinter and will last for long periods of time, yet will apply with ease and great coverage and opacity.

LOOK Nail Color shades will speak to you! It's time to DETOX your nail color collection-LOOK is 8Free, Vegan, Cruelty Free and Made in USA.