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Each month we feature a COLOR OF THE MONTH shade.  This month...YOU get to pick YOUR "Color of the Month" Shade.  Simply add the shade you pick to your shopping cart and use promo code "MYCOLOR"....and it's FREE!  Our C.O.T.M. offer applies only to SINGLE bottle shades. (Trio's and Shade Collections are not included)

COLOR & CREATIVITY...without the compromise.

Want to DETOX your Nail Color Collection?  LOOK is one of the few brands TODAY... that is 8 FREE - Vegan - Cruelty FREE.

Buy LOOK Trio's & Collections...and SAVE!

Each month our "featured" Trio's and Collections are 50% OFF...this is a great way to ADD to your Nail Color Collection.

Featured here is our LOOK EGG-CELLENT EASTER Collection.  A $40 Value...for only $20

MORE...featured LOOK NAIL COLOR Trio's & Collections


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LOOKing Lucky - St. Patrick's Day TRIO

St. Patrick's Day is March 17th.  Give your NAILS a little LUCK of the IRISH with this Trio.  $20 Value...only $10

Here's LOOKing at YOU - SPRING Collection

Spring Break?  We say go BOLD or go HOME!  5 Bold "creme" formula shades.  $40 Value...only $20

Check out our TAKE A LOOK section for a nail art tutorial using this collection!

Island Girl TROPICAL Trio Collection

Just one of our TROPICAL TRIO offerings, and they're all 50% OFF!  Use Promo Code "PARADISE" at checkout.

Don't miss the Nail ART tutorial using this Trio Collection - visit our TAKE A LOOK section.

Here's our St. Patrick's Day Nail Art Contest WINNER!

CONGRATULATIONS go out to...Darlyn Linka-Pettenati for this WINNING Nail Art Design for St. Patrick's Day.  She used our LOOK Lucky Trio Collection for her design - and there's still time for you to get your's too - St. Patrick's Day is March 17th.

Check out our Instagram Page for more Contests!  We're running another one right now.

 Nail Art using  ISLAND GIRL TRIO COLLECTION  (Design by Aparna Gupta)   

Nail Art using ISLAND GIRL TRIO COLLECTION (Design by Aparna Gupta)


 Nail Art using  LOOK Egg-cellent Easter Collection  (Design by Aparna Gupta)   

Nail Art using LOOK Egg-cellent Easter Collection (Design by Aparna Gupta)


 Nail Art using  HERE'S LOOKing AT YOU  Spring Collection (Design by Aparna Gupta)   

Nail Art using HERE'S LOOKing AT YOU Spring Collection (Design by Aparna Gupta)



SPRING BREAK?  Ready?  Let's Go!


We've put together some awesome Nail COLOR Trio's and Nail ART Designs...that are perfect for your TROPICAL Destination.

Winter Escape - Island Hopping.png

"ISLAND HOPPING" Trio Collection

This "trio" appropriately called "Island Hopping" is by far one of our most favorite TROPICAL shade combinations.  It consists of #012 Aqua, #003 Persimmon, and #017 Gold.  And here's the best part.....this TRIO is 50% OFF!  Use promo code "PARADISE" at checkout!

"JUICY CITRUS" Trio Collection

No matter where your favorite TROPICAL destination doubt you'll be seeing these bright bold juicy CITRUS COLORS everywhere!  So, don't just let these beautiful shades garnish your Pina Colada....garnish your NAILS too!  This Trio includes:  #001 Lemon, #002 Orange, and #014 Lime.  This TROPICAL "TRIO's" is 50% OFF!  Use promo code "PARADISE" at checkout!

"SHOW OFF" Trio Collection

Bring your WILD SIDE with you on your Winter ESCAPE with this TROPICAL TRIO and Nail ART Design.  This Trio includes some bold, hot, sultry shades....#012 Aqua, #Pistachio, and #051 Fire it up!  This TROPICAL Trio is 50% OFF!  Use promo code "PARADISE" at checkout!


Special Recognition...because Nail Art should be shared.

Our favorite thing is seeing all the beautiful Nail Art Designs that are created using our product.  When you think about the ART that is created on a canvas the size of a's nothing short of amazing.  It's ART that should be shared....and that's one of the reasons we started our LOOK Group on Facebook.  This month we'd like to feature just one of those amazing women and her incredible nail art designs....

Sign up to our LOOK Group on Facebook to see more Nail Art!

Ongoing Special Recognition goes out to Aparna Gupta who has created all of our Nail ART tutorials for our featured Trio's and Collections.

 Oriental Nail Design by Isabelle Grieve

Oriental Nail Design by Isabelle Grieve

 Lord of the Rings Nail ART by Isabelle Grieve

Lord of the Rings Nail ART by Isabelle Grieve

 Valentine Nail ART Design by Isabelle Grieve

Valentine Nail ART Design by Isabelle Grieve


All about LOOK...



What is LOOK?

We're not just another nail polish brand.  We're also a nail ART brand.  A nail ARTIST has high standards, and she should, as she invests a lot of time in her Nail ART designs.  The products she uses need to perform!  Whether it's water-marbling,  stamping, free-hand designs or stencils.  LOOK Nail Color delivers. 

You have to know the quality is in our product - if we set out from the "get-go" to meet those high expectations of a Nail Artist...for our BRAND.

Quality?  We NAILED it!

LOOK Nail Color formulas are made tough and durable, so that they adhere to the human nail and will not crack, chip, or peel...and will last longer.  LOOK Nail Color flows on with ease, affording great coverage with maximum opacity.  Our SHADES are bright, BOLD, and vibrant...and the COLOR you see in our bottle - will LOOK the same on your NAILS.  Our attractive cube-shaped bottles are full-size, and what at one time was an industry-standard...(0.5 fl oz). 

LOOK Nail Color is 8 FREE - Vegan - Cruelty FREE, and made in the U.S.A.

Do you know what's in your Nail Color?

This is important to us, and it should be important to you too!  LOOK™ is one of the few brands today that is...

8 FREE, Vegan, and Cruelty FREE. 


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Your shopping experience with us matters!

A safe, and secure website experience, along with a speedy checkout process....because you have lots to do today!

No checkout SURPRISES - it's pretty simple - FREE Shipping with ALL orders totaling $25.00 or more.

And....NO, you don't HAVE TO create an account.  We make it EASY-PEASY! 

99% of the TIME...we try to use AUTOMATIC DISCOUNT CODES on our promotions...because we know you don't want to waste time LOOKing for that promo code.

Don't forget to ADD your FREE "Color of the Month" Shade to your order - an automatic discount code is automatically applied.

More than anything....We hope you enjoy your shopping experience with us! 



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LOOK Essentials

There's no doubt that you need a great Nail Color Formula that performs - for Nail ART.  But, you also need great TOOLS to help you create with. 

 #039 Nail Art Kit - $10.00

#039 Nail Art Kit - $10.00

Nail ART Kit


  • Striping Brush - for long thin lines
  • Detail Brush - for more intricate design work
  • Clean Up Brush - making it easy to clean around nail and cuticle without ruining your artwork
  • 2 Dotting Tools - for polka dots, floral design, and so much more
  • Practice Nail Wheel - to practice your design before applying to your own nails
  • Top Coat - To seal and protect our Nail Art Design

Manicure Mat

Spills happen.  Protect your work surfaces with our silicone Manicure Mat, that WILL NOT SLIP. 

The mat measures 14 1/2" wide X 10 1/4" high.  and it's easily cleaned with soap and water, and even polish remover.  Folds easily for storage too!


 #043 Manicure Mat - $6.00

#043 Manicure Mat - $6.00

 #042 Nail Art Practice Wheel - $6.00

#042 Nail Art Practice Wheel - $6.00

Nail ART Practice Wheels

10 Wheels - with 18 nails per wheel.  That's 180 Nails to either practice your Nail ART Designs on or to COLOR SWATCH your Nail Color Collection with.

C'mon sign up!  Good things come to those who do!